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Our customers are innovative companies. We program and maintain software for their future applications.


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How do we work?


Agree on project requirements and goals together with the client.


We offer the best solution for your IT project. We choose a suitable technology, a team of developers, set timelines and budget.


Since we are responsible for the result, we ensure the successful execution of the project.

Case studies

Marketing campaign

Problem. A marketing startup was looking for a provider to implement an app to support a marketing campaign. They had tight time and budget constraints.

Solution. We suggested using Ruby on Rails to implement the project as quickly as possible and with minimal effort. We only focused on the essentials and shifted less important tasks.


  • The app was live within 6 weeks.
  • The campaign reached a wide audience.
  • The app has drawn the audience's attention to the brand.

Taxi App

Problem. The local taxi provider came with the request for an excessive application.

Solution. We had experience in developing similar applications (car sharing, bike sharing, etc.). This enabled us to optimize the development process and build a better end product.


  • The customer joined the competition with other online taxi providers.
  • Saving time on the architectural stage.
  • Went live in a shorter time with less bugs.

Online Shop

Problem. A jewelry chain wanted to upgrade a new Hybris-based online shop solution to the new version.

Solution. We updated and revised the SAP Hybris solution to ensure optimal performance and maintainability.


  • Improved website speed and user friendliness
  • Optimized service costs
  • Better scalability
  • Set up an automated QA pipeline.

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